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Check out the sources below for information on your childrens' health, self-esteem, education and entertainment. Most articles are timely and they are all For Your Information.


New Rule Protects Babies
Clearing The Air On Changing Diapers
Feeding Your Baby Right: Allergies, Microwaving, Water, Juices
Safe Foods For Baby
You Don't Have To Let Them Cry, Sleep Is Just A Heartbeat Away


Love: The Anti-Drug
Good News: Kids Helping Kids
The PC Dads'(sm) Three-Step Guide To Cyberspace Study Aids
ACRA Says Child Auto Safety Is As Simple As ABC
A Few Hints to Help your Youngsters at School
Keeping Children Healthier In Day Care
Add Math To Your List Of Fun Activities
Packing Up For School Success
Kids' Vision is Not a Top Priority, Survey Reveals
Your Child's Vision - One of the Most Important Tests
Learning Disabilities: Know The Signs
Is There A Doctor In The House?
Kids' Allergies: Nothing to Sneeze At
Expert Tips For Balancing Work And Family
Study Suggests Character-Building Benefits For Children Who Collect
Take A Picture, Baby: Tips And Tactics For Not-So-Terrible Twos
Teaching kids the importance of investing money can be difficult
Making Downtime An UpBeat Experience
Air Bag Equipped Automobiles Can Be Safe For Children
Developing A Child's Confidence
ABCs Of Child Safety: Always Buckle Children In The Back Seat
Talking With Your Kids About Underage Drinking
New Fashion Trend: Kids' Casual
Be Kind To Animals Kid Contest
Childhood Illness: Dispelling The Myths
Winter Health Alert -- RSV affects more than four million children under the age of four every year
High-Tech Toys For Girls And Boys
Beware Of Your Child's Sniffles
Helping Children Help Out
Helping Children Do The "Write Stuff"
Monitoring Your Child's Growth
Tips For Choosing Toys For Kids
Highlights for Children is Fifty Years Old
Providing Help And Hope For the Child Who Finds School Difficult
Turning your kitchen into a branch of Santa's workshop
Tips For A Rainy Day
Monitoring Your Child's Height
SPORTS SHORTS - Books For Young Readers
Raise Children To Resist Violence
Tips to Keep Children Safe
Now They're Cooking
Watching What Your Kids Watch On TV
Helping Children Deal With Anger
Mommy's Briefcase
Indoor Growing Kits for Kids
Boosting Your Child's Self-Esteem
Helping Children Curb Cavities
Child Should See An Orthodontist By Age 7
Warning To Parents: Carbon Monoxide Can Be Deadly For Children

Education / Computer-related

Motivate Kids To Read!
Make This A Colorful School Year
Raising A Science Smart Kid Five Tips From The PC Dads(SM)
The PC Dads'(SM) 5-Step Starter Guide
PC Products For Pre-Schoolers
Math Is The Path To Take
Parents Learn of a Number of Ways to Help Children do Well
The PC Dads'(SM) Computer-Game Buying Guide
Giving Software This Holiday Season?
A Million Dollar Commitment
Chess: New Idea for Learning
Book Portrays Eleanor Roosevelt's Childhood
Enriching After-School Learning Helps Your Children
Lessons for Life a Meaningful New Writing Contest
Electronic Learning At Home Is Getting Good Grades
Children "Connect" In Cyberspace To Chat About Fruits And Vegetables

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