pcDATAck is a utility program in PL/B Companion (formerly DATABUS Companion) that gives details about files. Knowing the exact format and content of PC files is crucial to PL/B programmers because of the importance placed on fixed vs variable length records, space compression, deleted records, the type and location of the End-of-File, accessibility of all 256 ASCII characters, and the interchange of data between many different packages (dBase, Lotus, W/P). pcDATAcheck quickly checks data/text files for:

  • Record Lengths - Min/Max (Fixed/Variable)
  • End-of-Files - Logical/Physical, Valid/Invalid
  • TABs - Space Compression
  • NULs - Deleted Records/Characters
  • Non-ASCII Characters (i.e., characters other than data or controls)
  • Extra LFs, Extra CRs, FFs, BSs, DELs, etc.
  • View, search, and modifying any type of file.

    pcDATAcheck not only checks files quickly, it allows a wide variety of record selection options (rec ord length and/or content) and gives several options for output (display/printer/logfile) and reporting (simple count, detail reporting by record/location, record extraction, or interactive review/modify). pcDATAcheck is invaluable in testing and debugging standard PL/B applications. No other PC utility provides these capabilities.

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