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Kodak has released a family of Advantix Advanced Photo System cameras and film. All Advantix products are designed to make picture-taking, sharing and storage easier and more fun. Kodak Advantix cameras feature easy drop-in film loading, a variety of print format options, photo-index prints, and much more. A magnetic coating on the film lets the camera, film and photofinishing equipment all work together to give you the best possible prints, by being able to determine the film speed, composition, lighting and other information.

Leave an Impression

It's now possible to personalize photos by adding text, graphics, borders and more. Ask your local photofinisher about Kodak Image Magic systems, consumer-friendly kiosks and workstations that allow you to make on-the-spot creations from existing prints.

Simple Tips for Capturing Great Scenic Photos:

Make sure the only things you see in the viewfinder are what you want in the picture. Is there a telephone pole or trash can in the frame? Reposition yourself to eliminate such distractions.

For more information on Kodak products and services, consumers can call the Kodak Information Center at 1/800-242-2424. The latest Kodak information is also available on the Internet at

(Kodak, Advantix and Image Magic are trademarks.)

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