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This list of Houston restaurants is the result of a search by Type of Food in the B4-U-EAT.COM database.


Ace Chinese RestaurantRead reviews!Submit your review!
 4775 W Panther Creek Dr Spring77381281.363.3993MapIt!

Ai Hoa Submit your review!
 6200 Wilcrest Houston77072281.495.0805MapIt!

Ambassador Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 4326 Richmond Houston77027713.877.9394MapIt!

Asian Wok Submit your review!
 8111 Long Point Houston77055713.827.1431MapIt!

Auntie Chang's Dumpling House Submit your review!
 2621 S Shepherd Houston77019713.524.8410MapIt!

Beijing Submit your review!
 1546 W FM 1960 Houston77090281.537.2679MapIt!

Cafe Chino Submit your review!
 6140 Village Pkwy Houston77005713.524.4433MapIt!

Cafe ChinoRead reviews!Submit your review!
 600 Travis Houston77002713.223.1011MapIt!

Cafe Tin Tin Submit your review!
 5761 San Felipe Houston77057713.339.3362MapIt!
    713.339.4198 FAX 
 1730 Williams Trace Sugar Land77478281.277.8383MapIt!

  Canton Seafood Restaurant Submit your review!
 2649 Richmond Ave Houston77098713.526.1688MapIt!

China Border Submit your review!
 10425 S Post Oak Rd Houston77035713.729.0486MapIt!
 10718 North Fwy Houston77037281.260.9191MapIt!
 5460 North Fwy Houston77076713.691.6082MapIt!

China Dynasty Submit your review!
 2211 Fry Rd Katy77449281.578.1060MapIt!

China East Restaurant Submit your review!
 19010 Gulf Fwy Friendswood77546281.488.6676MapIt!

China Garden Restaurant Submit your review!
 1602 Leeland Houston77003713.652.0745MapIt!

China Inn Restaurant Submit your review!
 82 E Crosstimbers Houston77022713.692.9937MapIt!

China Ko #3 Submit your review!
 6730 Antoine Dr @ W Little YorkHouston77091713.683.0444MapIt!

China Light Restaurant Submit your review!
 711 Normandy Houston77021713.451.2810MapIt!

China Palace Submit your review!
 13117 Westheimer Houston77077281.293.7133MapIt!

China Plaza Restaurant Submit your review!
 14974 NW Fwy @ W. Little YorkHouston77040713.466.9525MapIt!
 18736 FM 249 Houston77070281.890.1299MapIt!

China Square Submit your review!
 1111 E NASA Rd 1 Houston77058281.486.7722MapIt!

China Station Submit your review!
 2506 University Blvd Houston77005713.522.9994MapIt!

China View Submit your review!
 11113 Katy Fwy Houston77079713.464.2728MapIt!

China Wok Bellaire Submit your review!
 4566 Bissonnet Bellaire77401713.865.2547MapIt!

China Wok No 2 Submit your review!
 1000 West Oaks Mall Houston77082281.497.4197MapIt!

China Wok No 3 Submit your review!
 Westwood Mall Houston77036713.270.7731 

Chinese Cafe Submit your review!
 9252 Bellaire Houston77036713.771.4330MapIt!

Chinese Cafe Submit your review!
 5092 Richmond Houston77056713.621.2888MapIt!

Da Lai Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
Shrimp + Buffet --- 7 days a week 
 5426 Hwy 6 N Houston77084281.463.2828MapIt!

Dairy Ashford Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 1801 S Dairy Ashford Houston77077281.870.0975MapIt!

Daniel Wong's Kitchen Submit your review!
 4566 Bissonnet Bellaire77401713.663.6665MapIt!

Dong Ting Submit your review!
 611 Stuart Houston77006713.527.0005MapIt!

Downtown Chinese Cafe Submit your review!
 1001 Texas Houston77002713.228.5505MapIt!

Dragon Door Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 2953 Bingle Houston77055713.468.1264MapIt!

Dumpling King Submit your review!
 6515 Westheimer Houston77057713.266.1468MapIt!

Dynasty Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 10500 W Bellfort Houston77099281.933.6333MapIt!

East Coast Chinese Buffet Submit your review!
 8505 S Main Houston77025713.666.2878MapIt!

East King Chinese Submit your review!
 2580 Fondren Houston77063281.488.0286MapIt!

East Ocean Chinese Seafood Restaurant Submit your review!
Largest Live Seafood Selection in Texas 
 10830 Bellaire Houston77072281.568.2288MapIt!

Eastern Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 2100 W 34th Houston77018713.680.3040MapIt!
 16630 El Camino Real Houston77062281.280.8662MapIt!
 10314 Hempstead Houston77092713.956.6539MapIt!

Eastern Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 7033 Southwest Fwy Houston77074713.981.8788MapIt!

Empress Restaurant Submit your review!
 7220 Long Point Houston77055713.681.2601MapIt!

Empress Restaurant Submit your review!
 5419 W FM 1960 Houston77069281.583.8021MapIt!

Far East Chinese Cafe Submit your review!
 6502 Del Monte Houston77057713.783.9460MapIt!

Feng Ling Restaurant Submit your review!
 11010 Westheimer Houston77042713.782.3144MapIt!

Feng Ling Restaurant Number One Submit your review!
 6437 Westheimer Houston77057713.783.6120MapIt!

Four Season Restaurant Submit your review!
 10104 Hammerly Houston77080713.365.0160MapIt!

  Fu's Garden Restaurant Submit your review!
 2539 University Blvd @ KirbyHouston77005713.520.7422MapIt!
    713.522.6190 FAX 
 4720 Richmond Houston77027713.961.7330MapIt!
 5866 San Felipe @ FountainviewHouston77057713.783.4419MapIt!
 9905 S Post Oak Rd Houston77096713.723.2227MapIt!

Fu-Kim Grand Palace Submit your review!
 2615 Fannin @ DennisHouston77002713.655.9903MapIt!
    713.655.9904 FAX 

Fu-Kim Sushi & Seafood Buffet Submit your review!
 1333 Bay Area Blvd Houston77058281.554.6274MapIt!

Fu-Lor Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 3764 Richmond Houston77046713.961.1433MapIt!

Fung's Kitchen Submit your review!
 7320 SW Fwy @ FondrenHouston77074713.779.2288MapIt!
 12403 Scarsdale Houston77089281.484.7471MapIt!

Furama Chinese RestaurantRead reviews!Submit your review!
 12320 Bellaire Houston77072281.575.1999MapIt!

Gee's Restaurant Submit your review!
 4321 Airline Houston77022713.692.2064MapIt!

General Joe's Chopstix Submit your review!
There is a Fast Food Alternative 
 600 Jefferson Houston77002713.659.8590MapIt!
 700 Milam Pennzoil Tower Houston77002713.236.1151MapIt!
 3939 Montrose Houston77006713.521.9393MapIt!
 11566 Gulf Fwy Houston77034713.947.9898MapIt!
 10820 Westheimer Houston77042713.266.1608MapIt!
 8130 Kirby Houston77054713.666.2619MapIt!
 1000 Campbell Houston77055713.464.0228MapIt!
 6106 Westheimer Houston77057713.266.3956MapIt!
 479 Bay Area Blvd Houston77058281.486.4433MapIt!
 14504 Memorial Houston77079281.556.5040MapIt!
 6755 Hillcroft #8Houston77081713.988.9408MapIt!
 5004 Kirby Houston77098713.524.0449MapIt!
 1002 Seawall Blvd Galveston77550409.763.0582MapIt!

Genghis Khan Bar-B-Que Restaurant Submit your review!
 9348 Bellaire Houston77036713.771.6633MapIt!

Golden Bridge Submit your review!
 465 FM 1092 Stafford77477281.499.3828MapIt!

Golden Cafe Submit your review!
 1430 W 19th Houston77008713.869.8883MapIt!

Golden Hunan Submit your review!
 5801 Memorial Houston77007713.880.1688MapIt!

Golden Room, The Submit your review!
 1209 Montrose Houston77019713.524.9614MapIt!

Great China Restaurant Submit your review!
 917 E NASA Road 1 Houston77058281.286.5888MapIt!

Happy All Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant Submit your review!
 2502 W Holcombe Houston77030713.660.0020MapIt!

Hon Kung Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 4632 W FM 1960 Houston77069281.893.8788MapIt!

Hong Kong Cafe Submit your review!
 5551 Richmond Houston77056713.789.6828MapIt!

Hong Kong Chef Submit your review!
 5123 Bissonnet Bellaire77401713.668.4431MapIt!

Hong Kong Garden Submit your review!
 637 S Mason Rd Katy77450281.492.7832MapIt!

Hong Kong House Submit your review!
 820 W FM 1960 Houston77090281.583.0840MapIt!

Hot Shot Wok Submit your review!
 6423 Richmond Houston77057713.953.7717MapIt!

Hot Wok Pan Asian Cooking Submit your review!
 20795 Gulf Fwy @ NASA Road 1Houston77058281.338.7910MapIt!

Humpty Dumpling Cafe Submit your review!
 5211 Kelvin @ DunstanHouston77005713.524.8888MapIt!

Hunan Submit your review!
 1800 Post Oak Blvd Houston77056713.965.0808MapIt!

Hunan Bo Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 3237 Houston Ave Houston77009713.863.8234MapIt!

Hunan Chef Submit your review!
 1020 Antoine #HHouston77055713.682.3288MapIt!

Hunan Dragon Submit your review!
 3111 S Shepherd @ W. AlabamaHouston77098713.523.9087MapIt!

Hunan Emperor Submit your review!
 12538 Memorial Houston77024713.461.1718MapIt!

Hunan Empress Restaurant Submit your review!
 15425 SW Fwy Sugar Land77478281.491.0666MapIt!

Hunan Express Submit your review!
 12150 Bissonnet Houston77099281.495.5806MapIt!

Hunan Joy Restaurant Submit your review!
 3731 W FM 1960 Houston77068281.893.1013MapIt!

Hunan King Submit your review!
 5714 Chimney Rock Houston77081713.661.4481MapIt!
    713.661.4483 FAX 

Hunan Oaks Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 1625 Post Oak Blvd Houston77056713.622.8855MapIt!

Hunan Pagoda Submit your review!
 2209 S Hwy 6 Houston77077281.870.8878MapIt!
    281.870.9295 FAX 

Hunan Palace Restaurant Submit your review!
 801 Chartres Houston77003713.225.5661MapIt!

Hunan Plus Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 9124 Bellaire Houston77036713.995.8825MapIt!

Hunan River Restaurant Submit your review!
 2015 W Gray Houston77019713.527.0200MapIt!

Hunan's Submit your review!
 3835 Bellaire Blvd Houston77025713.666.2000MapIt!

Hunan's II Town and Country Submit your review!
 554 Town & Country Village Houston77024713.467.7798MapIt!

Hung Kee Restaurant Submit your review!
 904 St Emanuel Houston77003713.225.9401MapIt!

Jade Hawaii Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 9573 S Main Houston77025713.666.8877MapIt!

Jade Village Submit your review!
 5858 S Gessner Houston77036713.774.3800MapIt!

Jin Bo Submit your review!
 7046 Lawndale Houston77023713.926.6595MapIt!

Kam's Fine Chinese Cuisine Submit your review!
 4500-C Montrose Houston77006713.529.5057MapIt!

Kim Son Restaurant Submit your review!
 300 Milam Houston77002713.222.2790MapIt!
 2001 Jefferson Houston77003713.222.2461MapIt!
 12750 SW Fwy Stafford77015281.242.3500MapIt!
 7531 Westheimer Houston77063713.783.0054MapIt!
 8200 Wilcrest Houston77072281.498.7841MapIt!

King Bo Restaurant Submit your review!
 11555 Fuqua Houston77034281.484.1415MapIt!
 9619 SW Fwy Houston77074713.772.3717MapIt!
 11328 Westheimer Houston77077281.497.0712MapIt!
 11011 NW Fwy Houston77092713.688.8822MapIt!

King Food Chinese & Vietnamese Submit your review!
 702 W NASA Road 1 Houston77058281.332.1931MapIt!

King Hunan Submit your review!
 2404 W Holcombe Houston77030713.663.6611MapIt!

King Palace Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 18405 Tomball Pkwy Houston77070281.890.7844MapIt!

Lai Lai Dumpling House Submit your review!
 9262 Bellaire Houston77036713.271.0080MapIt!

Lai Lai Restaurant Submit your review!
 6700 S Main @ HolcombeHouston77030713.527.0550MapIt!
    713.527.0879 FAX 

Le Lai Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 9600 Bellaire #103 Houston77036713.988.6888MapIt!

Liberty Noodles Submit your review!
 909 Texas Ave Rice LoftsHouston77002713.222.2695MapIt!

Lido (in transit! address TBA) Submit your review!
 3201 Travis Houston77002713.523.9295MapIt!

Lotus Restaurant Submit your review!
 1039 N Gessner Houston77055713.465.6830MapIt!
 4624 Dacoma Houston77092713.688.0026MapIt!

Lucky Dragon Submit your review!
 8926 Gulf Fwy Houston77017713.910.3838MapIt!

Lucky House Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 10123 Hammerly Houston77080713.973.6981MapIt!

Lucky Palace Submit your review!
 16211 Clay Road Houston77084281.550.6522MapIt!

Lucky Royal Chinese Buffet Submit your review!
Specializing in Hunan & Szechuan Cuisine 
 12950 Willow Chase Houston77070281.807.9968MapIt!

Lucky Village Submit your review!
Lunch Buffet - all day long - 7 days a week 
 5901 Westheimer @ FountainviewHouston77057713.783.8218MapIt!
 7964 Westheimer near HillcroftHouston77063713.780.4387MapIt!

Mandarin Hunan Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 777 Walker L160 Houston77002713.224.1212MapIt!

Mei Li Wor Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 8234 Long Point Houston77055713.932.9929MapIt!

Mei Mei Cuisine Submit your review!
 6004 S Gessner Houston77036713.981.1888MapIt!

Mings Cafe Submit your review!
 2703 Montrose Houston77006713.529.7888MapIt!

Mongolian Cafe Steak & Grill Buffet Submit your review!
 5050 FM 1960 West Houston77069281.583.1900MapIt!

New Garden Restaurant Submit your review!
 11403 Chimney Rock Houston77035713.721.7858MapIt!

New Golden Palace Submit your review!
 8520 Bellaire Bellaire77401713.776.8808MapIt!

New My Canh Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 2109 Walker @ St. EmmanualHouston77003713.227.8238MapIt!

New Yank Sing Submit your review!
 6728 Hillcroft Houston77081713.988.2600MapIt!

North China Restaurant Submit your review!
 879 Frostwood Houston77024713.464.0669MapIt!

Oriental Gardens Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 16734 Champion Forest Houston77379281.376.1455MapIt!

P.F. Chang's China BistroRead reviews!Submit your review!
 4094 Westheimer Houston77027713.627.7220MapIt!

Panda Garden Submit your review!
 5534 Weslayan Houston77005713.667.0880MapIt!
    713.667.9090 FAX 
 1043 Eldridge (FM 1876)Sugar Land77478281.242.7728MapIt!

Peking Duck House Submit your review!
 548 W NASA Road 1 Webster77598281.332.7381MapIt!

Red Pepper Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 5626 Westheimer Houston77056713.622.7800MapIt!

Saigon Vietnamese & Chinese Cuisine Submit your review!
 11248 Veterans Memorial Houston77067281.847.2300MapIt!

Sake Sushi and Seafood Buffet Submit your review!
 5610 Richmond Houston77057713.975.0888MapIt!
    713.975.8808 FAX 

Shan Hu Submit your review!
 7656 Bellfort Houston77061713.640.1654MapIt!

Shanghai Cafe Submit your review!
 1536 W Gray Houston77019713.523.6200MapIt!

Shanghai East Szechuan Cuisine Submit your review!
 5015 Westheimer Houston77056713.627.3682MapIt!

Shanghai Inn Submit your review!
 14156 NW Fwy Houston77040713.462.6101MapIt!

Shanghai Restaurant Submit your review!
 9116 Bellaire Houston77036713.771.8082MapIt!

Shanghai River Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 2407 Westheimer Houston77098713.528.5528MapIt!

Szechuan Empress Submit your review!
 4938 Beechnut Houston77096713.668.4569MapIt!

Ta Hua Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 2405 Post Oak Blvd Houston77056713.621.1763MapIt!

  Tan Tan Chinese/Vietnamese Submit your review!
 6816 Ranchester @ BellaireHouston77036713.771.1268MapIt!

Taydo Submit your review!
 9600 Bellaire Houston77036713.271.0471MapIt!
 2529 Hwy 6 S Houston77082281.584.0097MapIt!

Tea Garden Chinese Restaurant & Tea House Submit your review!
 1421 Richmond Houston77006713.529.0888MapIt!

Tien Fu Submit your review!
 2390 W Alabama Houston77098713.526.3868MapIt!

Vietnam CoastRead reviews!Submit your review!
 8282 Bellaire #138Houston77036713.776.8181MapIt!
 2910 Hillcroft Houston77057713.266.0884MapIt!

Wahfu Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 11550 Bellaire @ Belle ParkHouston77072281.498.0813MapIt!

Wok Bo Submit your review!
 6159 Westheimer Houston77057713.786.6838MapIt!
 12270 Westheimer Houston77077281.870.9619MapIt!
 10725 W Bellfort Houston77099281.495.8971MapIt!

Wok Buffet Submit your review!
 2022 McKinney Houston77002713.237.9887MapIt!
 3322 Ella Blvd Houston77018713.686.6438MapIt!

Yen Jing Chinese Restaurant Submit your review!
 1951 W TC Jester Houston77008713.861.9647MapIt!
 7364 Louetta Houston77070281.370.8220MapIt!

Zaras Restaurant Submit your review!
 4640 Main Houston77003713.523.3495MapIt!

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