by Alton B. Warrenburg

The death of one we held so high,
Because he knew our needs
And hastened when he heard our cry
For naught but world wide peace,

Is like a panic or a drought,
Because it leaves us bare
Of heart-felt words from his own mouth
Which led this people fair.

So think of what he did for you,
And what he did for all,
When like a soldier as of old,
He answer'd humanity's call.

And let us give a little thought,
And fly our flags half mast,
For this great man who bravely fought
For peace and righteousness.

Rusty Warrenburg in Phoenix, 1990

In Memory of Woodrow Wilson was first published on February 13, 1923 in the official publication of the Texline, Texas school system, the Soap Weed. Alton Byron was 15 years old.

It later appeared in the Texline Enterprise, the town's regular paper, and decades later was in a book of Texas history.

A.B. "Rusty" Warrenburg is retired and living in Houston, Texas. And still making speeches.