New Device Offers Relief For Snorers

It is said that we spend nearly two thirds of our lives asleep. That being the case, surely the quality of our sleep should be very important? After all we talk a lot about quality these days: quality control, job quality, quality time, the quality of life... and so on. What about the quality of our sleep?

We all know what it's like not to sleep well. We wake up cranky, often feeling more tired than when we went to bed. Sometimes our lack of sleep is due to over stimulation, illness, worry, our circadian rhythm being out of whack (that's the body's natural clock), or external forces like noise, heat or cold. The single most common reason for disturbed sleep, however, is thought to be snoring and, unfortunately, one person snoring usually means little sleep for whoever is sharing the room. (Many a marital discord can be attributed to one partner's propensity to loud snoring.)

Snoring can mean more than a bad night's sleep; it can be hazardous to your health. In addition to severely disturbed sleep and dry mouth, heavy snoring frequently results in temporary cessation of breathing (known as apnea), which in turn can contribute to high blood pressure. Nozovent, a tiny device developed in Sweden and now available in the U.S., is said to offer relief from this tiresome -- and tiring -- condition.

When nasal passages are blocked or too narrow, insufficient air passes through, forcing the sleeper to breathe through the mouth instead. This causes the palate to vibrate, resulting in those unattractive and bothersome snoring noises. Nozovent holds the nostrils open, allowing air -- and oxygen -- to flow freely. Easily inserted into the nostrils, it's made of of a non-toxic medicinal grade plastic and can be cleaned with soap and water. The cost works out at less than 25 cents a night, which doubtless snorers -- and their sleeping partners -- will consider money well spent for a night of quality sleep! (Available at better drug and health food stores or call 1-800-688-2276 for more information.) (NAPSI)

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