Beam Me To
Hampton, Va., Scotty

If you're a fan of STAR TREK, you can now make Hampton, Va. the final frontier by visiting the Virginia Air & Space Center to see STAR TREK: Federation Science, a national traveling exhibit that runs January 27 through April 30, 1996.

Commanding 6,000 square feet of space, exhibit areas are reminiscent of familiar locations on board the USS Enterprise, the fictional spacecraft made famous in the series. The setting utilizes the popularity of the star trek television series and motion pictures to emphasize the importance of science and literacy. If that's not enough, Virginia Air & Space Center patrons can also view a film narrated by one of the star trek series most memorable actors, Leonard Nimoy. Destiny in Space will play in the Center's giant-screen Imax Theater® during the exhibition.

Hampton's Virginia Air & Space Center is the official visitor center of NASA Langley Research Center, the training site for NASA's original Mercury astronauts and the birthplace of Ame-rica's space program.

Partially bordered by the Hampton Roads Harbor and Chesapeake Bay, Hampton is located on the Atlantic coast of southeastern Virginia. For information on the Virginia Air & Space Center and travel information about the city call the Hampton Visitor Center at 1-800-800-2202. (NAPSI)

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