American History Comes Alive

Educators know that children learn best when they have the opportunity to experience something first-hand. What better way is there for a child to learn about the original American colonies than to visit the restored community of Williamsburg, VA?

Since time travel seems close to impossible, Educational Field Studies, Inc. (EFS) offers the next best thing-an exciting, educational four-day tour of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

In historic Colonial Williamsburg, 5th and 6th grade students participate in hands-on activities as they discover life in this 18th century community. The roles of family members are portrayed in some of the reconstructed homes. At the Capitol, Courthouse and Jail, students gain insight into the workings of the government and legal order of the colonies to understand the basis for our present system.

In the center of town, the Governor's Palace symbolizes the royal authority within the king's largest colony. The Palace continued to serve as the official residence of the first two elected governors, Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. At Bruton Parish Church, students learn about church and state in the 18th century and government support of the Anglican church.

Students also explore the first permanent English settlement of Jamestown. The Powhatan Indian Village, reconstructed English fort and three full-size replica ships provide a classroom unlike any other. Historic interpreters, role-playing characters from the past, interact with students as history comes to life. The historic triangle is completed at Yorktown which depicts a military encampment of the last battle of the Revolutionary War and the conditions the soldiers endured.

Learning by doing is the fundamental concept behind every EFS program. By participating in this program, students experience a classroom unlike any other -- an environment where textbook facts and concepts come to life.

Most programs include a 24-hour course leader, transportation, two meals a day, hotel accommodations and free travel for teacher/course chaperone.

To ensure a safe and productive trip, EFS has spearheaded a campaign to promote the California law, S.B. 142, which requires all student travel organizations to provide schools with standard disclosure information about their operation.

For more information on this and other EFS-organized educational travel programs, call 1-800-654-4750. To learn about the new California student travel disclosure law S.B. 142, call the EFS legislative division at 1-800-233-1463. (NAPSI)

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