Travelers Look For Security In Vacation Packages

With the sun shining on longer days, many Americans are getting out the guide books to map out new places to visit. Whether they decide to tour through New England or cruise by glaciers in Alaska, many travelers are looking seriously at security.

If you, too, are planning summer travel, be sure that you receive the greatest value for your vacation dollar. To ensure that you are making a good investment, here are some guidelines from the experts at the National Tour Association (NTA).

The National Tour Association's 600-plus members who offer travel packages are covered by the organization's $100,000 Consumer Protection Plan. This plan applies to deposits or prepayments made for packaged travel by the consumer in the unlikely event that an NTA tour operator member declares bankruptcy. For a free list of NTA members call 800/755-TOUR, ext. 62 or write the National Tour Association at 546 East Main St., Lexington, Kentucky 40508. (NAPSI)

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